Redwood EdVenture Quests

Dozens of scientific scavenger hunts throughout Humboldt County, EdVenture Quests guide children with engaging educational clues as they search forests, comb beaches, crawl into Indian plank houses and identify rare plants and animals. Those who complete them earn cool patches by mail.

Eureka, the state‚Äôs largest coastal city north of San Francisco, offers five options: Sequoia Park, a 70-acre community forest (see image) with old growth redwoods and California’s oldest zoo; the Hikshari Elk River Trail, which looks out on Humboldt Bay; Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, where President Grant once served; the Eureka Waterfront Trail, geared to explorers on bikes; and the Freshwater Farms Reserve, with Bailey the Barn Owl as guide.

Other Quests lead children to Cheatham Grove, a forest where Imperial stormtroopers chased Luke Skywalker, an ocean headland with a hidden lighthouse, a waterfall in Redwood National Park and a mountain lake near the home of a legendary Bigfoot.

To print maps and find out more about the program, sponsored by the Humboldt Board of Education, go here.